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RUMOR: Delta announced pay raises this week because of the IAM.

FACT: Delta has a long history and track record of investing in employees and months ago, at the end of 2017, Ed announced that another pay raise would be coming in 2018, in addition to the alignment of the profit sharing plan. This week Delta announced the details of that raise, including a 3 percent base pay increase at all steps of the pay scale for U.S.-based ground and flight attendant employees and additional divisional pay enhancements. For ACS this includes increases in overrides, shift differentials, and a Ready Reserve progression plan that mirrors the CSA pay scale.

In just five years’ time, base pay for the majority of employees is up a cumulative 40 percent — an investment of over $1.5 billion. And our history of pay increases goes back even further. Delta has increased base pay 11 times since 2007.

The IAM is taking credit for what you are already getting from Delta year after year. When in fact, the only thing a union contract can guarantee is negotiations – which can take years – and paying dues, which can cost you tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your career.

Rumor: Delta is also being investigated for the thousands of forged cards submitted by the IAM in the 2015 flight attendant union organizing effort.

Fact: False. Neither Delta, nor any of its leaders, nor anyone acting on Delta’s behalf has been subject to an NMB or Department of Justice investigation in this ongoing criminal matter. Ask the IAM if they can honestly say the same.

Rumor: The IAM submitted A-Cards containing thousands of forged signatures in violation of federal law.

Fact: True. In 2015, the IAM requested an election to represent Delta flight attendants. At that time, the head of the IAM proudly proclaimed the IAM had signed cards from 60% of Delta’s flight attendant population, or about 12,000 cards. As the NMB verified the cards – part of the normal process of certifying an election – they said they had reason to believe there were cards submitted “with fraudulent signatures in possible violation of federal law.” In a letter after finding the forged cards, the NMB emphasized that the IAM’s filing had not respected the integrity of its election process and referred the matter over to the U.S. Department of Justice for investigation.

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RUMOR: Delta is only “promising” a future pay raise because of the IAM.

FACT: Delta has increased Base Pay 10 times in the past 10 years: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, twice in 2015, and 2017. The only year there wasn’t an increase was in 2011 when the IAM and AFA refused to respect Delta employees’ choice in the 2010 elections – they questioned the outcome and kept us in laboratory conditions where changes to pay and benefits couldn’t be made.

Why pay dues for what you’re already getting from Delta?

The IAM is promising negotiated pay raises, but they can’t guarantee when or how much. You could be without a raise for years while typical union negotiations go on.

RUMOR: An IAM contract would eliminate the Ready Reserve program and give Ready Reserves full-time pay, hours and benefits.

FACT: The IAM cannot guarantee that the Ready Reserve program would be eliminated or even altered in negotiations.  Ready Reserves have been an integral part of Delta’s business plan for many years.  The program has provided flexibility, while serving as a first step toward full-time employment for many.  Our recent announcement about the path to full-time employment for Ready Reserves combined with a generous relocation package demonstrates the investment we make in our people.  We also regularly evaluate the program and as a result have made many enhancements.

Rumor:  I have been told that if the IAM is voted in that the contract negotiations will start at what we already have and go up from there.

FACT: Not true. Everything is negotiable. Everything you have now – salary, benefits, work life issues—it’s all on the table. A union cannot guarantee that you get to keep what you already have. A union contract could make you better off, worse off or leave you about the same. When you are asked to think about what you would like to get in a contract, you may be asked to decide what you would be willing to give up.

RUMOR: Delta employees have no input into changes to their pay, benefits or work environment.

FACT: In addition to a leading package of pay, profit sharing, benefits and work rules, direct feedback from Delta people often results in positive improvements – without having to pay union dues each month.  Here’s proof of a few of the changes that have been made in response to your feedback:


You asked to raise the cap on Ready Reserve hours. We increased them to 1,400 annually.


You wanted us to remove the $50 annual fee for nonrev travel. That fee is now gone.

RUMOR: There is little to no growth opportunity at Delta, particularly for Ready Reserve employees.

FACT: Last year alone, 1,300 ACS/CGO employees were promoted into merit or lead positions and 1,100 RR’s went full-time.

RUMOR: A-Cards are simply a way to get more information about the IAM.

FACT: Signing an A-Card allows the union to seek a union election on your behalf. The A-Card is a legally binding document, valid for one year and you can’t take back. Once the union has your private information, you can expect them to keep it, along with your A-Card, even if you later change your mind. Not only that, but during past IAM organizing efforts, employees received uninvited emails, calls, texts and visits to their homes from IAM solicitors.

That’s why we say, “Don’t risk it! Don’t sign it!”

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