Where everything is on the table.

Negotiating is a back and forth process, and when an airline and a union negotiate, everything is on the table. All the things you’ve worked for, from profit sharing to max hours to shift swaps, are at risk and subject to change.

What’s At Risk?

All kinds of improvements could be lost.

How many years will it take?

Nobody knows. The IAM has no experience negotiating an initial contract for a workgroup our size. Contract negotiations in the airline industry can take years. The IAM makes a list of demands on dozens of items, but for every request they bring the negotiations table, days of meetings may be needed to either reach agreement or “agree to disagree.”

Promising Ready Reserves

The IAM is promising they’ll get everything for Ready Reserves – including benefits and large pay increases. But the IAM cannot guarantee changes to or even the elimination of the program.

No Guarantees

During union negotiations there are no guarantees everything will improve, which is what the IAM wants you to believe. Everything you and your fellow Delta ramp and Cargo colleagues have worked for is on the table. Things can get better, get worse or stay the same. And you’ll still have to pay dues in the end.


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