Gareth answers employees concerns on IAM aggressive tactics while organizing

A number of ACS and Cargo agents in various cities have shared concerns with their leaders about aggressive and harassing behavior from individuals pushing IAM authorization cards (A-cards). These reports include IAM representatives following Delta people as they try to make their way to and from work – even going as far as to stand in front of them, refusing to let them pass. Based on reports, we believe that some Delta people are being pressured to sign A-cards while others continue to be harassed multiple times even after they clearly say no.

You should know that it is your right to decide whether or not to support the IAM – and that you have the right to make this extremely important decision without interference from anyone, including IAM organizers. You are not required to sign an authorization card, no matter how much the IAM pressures you.

At Delta, we expect everyone to work together professionally and treat each other with dignity and respect. Any form of bullying, intimidation or harassment (whether physical, written or verbal) goes against everything we stand for. If you have experienced this type of behavior, please report it by reaching out to your leader or HR representative.

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