Delta Difference

Delta’s Unique Culture

Delta’s culture is unique – we do things differently and we’re proud of it. We’re guided by the Rules of the Road: strong, clear values that unify our people and guide the actions we take. At the core of those Rules are:

  • Honesty – always tell the truth
  • Integrity – always keep your deals
  • Respect – don’t hurt anyone
  • Perseverance – try harder than all our competitors – never give up
  • Servant Leadership – care for our customers, our community and each other

Our Direct Relationship

The cornerstone of our unique culture in ACS and Cargo – one of the things that makes Delta our Delta – is the direct relationship that exists between our leaders and our people.

At every other major airline, employees have to go through a third party – a middleman – to have many of their concerns addressed. Changes big and small, from compensation and work rules to bulletin boards in break rooms, are negotiated in a complex process that often lasts years. That’s because at our competitors, a union sits between leadership and frontline – a union with its own structure, costs, interests and priorities.

When faced with the prospect of losing our direct relationship, our people have consistently said they want to keep Delta our Delta. They have said they value our direct relationship, our open-door policy, and our independence, and have rejected the prospect of a middleman in our relationship.

The Direct Relationship in Action

What does that direct relationship really mean? Let’s look at the past few years to see how our unique culture continues to benefit our people.

  1. Scale Increases
  2. Working side-by-side during difficult operations
  3. Profit Sharing plan that outpaces our competitors

Ready Reserve Enhancements

We know that many Ready Reserve employees enjoy the flexibility to pursue other employment outside Delta. But we also hear that many are interested in full-time employment. That’s why we announced that starting in 2018, every single Ready Reserve will be guaranteed the opportunity for full-time employment within five years.

  • This opportunity comes with a generous relocation assistance package.
  • We’ve also made a number of additional enhancements to the Ready Reserve program, including jury duty pay, bereavement pay, 401k contributions, and more.

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