Dangers of the IAM

We know that the IAM is making a lot of promises – but who are they and what do they want? Here are a few facts you should know before you sign an A-Card…

They make many promises – but can guarantee little.

The IAM may make many promises about what it will get in negotiations – but the fact is that the only thing they can guarantee is that negotiations would happen. During negotiations, everything would be on the table – and as a result, things could get better, stay the same, or get worse.

Questionable Conduct.

The IAM withdrew its election application for Delta flight attendants in April 2015 after the National Mediation Board found that the IAM had submitted A-Cards that contained fraudulent signatures. The IAM has never explained what happened.

Delta people told them “no” before.

After getting the facts, five Delta work groups, including Below Wing/Cargo, rejected IAM representation in post-merger elections…

They are a big business.

The IAM’s costs for 2016 – everything from salaries for union officers and employees to the operating costs for the IAM private jet – were more than $182 million. Their members’ dues pay for these expenses. Yours would likely be at least $700 per year.

They can and will have you fired if you don’t pay.

Decide that union membership isn’t right for you? The IAM doesn’t care – their airline contracts require that employees be terminated for failure to pay dues. And state “right to work” laws won’t protect you.

They are desperate for members.

Since 2000, the IAM’s reported total membership has decreased by more than 165,000 members. No wonder they keep targeting Delta people.

They don’t respect individuality, your choice or your voice.

You can be fined, suspended or expelled from membership if you support other unions or support getting rid of the IAM.

Does it really sound like the IAM is out for your best interests?

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