Dangers of the IAM

Embezzlement Read More

In the last 5 years alone, 12 IAM officials have been convicted of stealing over $1 million in 9 different states. Do you really want to trust them with your money?

The A-Card Con Game Read More

The IAM pushes for more signatures, but still hasn’t explained the 2,000 fraudulent cards with forged signatures from 2015, which is still under investigation by the Department of Justice.

Six Figure Salaries Read More

168 employees each made more than $100,000. Six of these were wives, sons, and daughters. The IAM is a family business.

Rule Roulette Read More

The IAM secretly changed its Constitution without approval from its members so it could secretly increase dues, special assessments, and fees to secretly authorize raises for its Officers. Plus, they get an automatic raise every year that members don’t.

Big Empty Promises Read More

The IAM will tell anything think you want to hear. They’ll get you the highest pay, best benefits, the sun and the moon. The truth is, when you look into any of their promises, it’s just another myth. All bets are off in negotiations.

Fail Upward Read More

At United, the AFA failed members by only being able to escalate IROP concerns to management. They failed ExpressJet members exactly the same way with furloughs. It’s one of the few businesses you can fail upward.

Pension: Diminishing Returns Read More

The IAM pension depends upon the number and financial health of participating employers, the economy, and market performance. Since 2003, the IAM has cut Pension Plan Benefits by 40%. Since 2009, 100 employers have dropped from the IAM's pension plan without being replaced.

Past Delta Rejections Read More

After getting the facts, five Delta work groups, including Below Wing/Cargo, rejected IAM representation in post-merger elections. Overall, IAM membership has declined 20% since 2000.

Ambition Exceeds Ability Read More

The IAM has never negotiated a group Delta’s size. If much spaner groups reject them every year, it’s hard to imagine how they would organize any better at scale. Their eyes are bigger than their stomachs.